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Revering Pu Taowessuwan invokes a large array of auspicious blessings. He is a powerful deity to pray to for success, prosperity, immerse wealth accumulation and strong protection from all forms of ghosts, demons, evil spirits, black magic and curses and all negative energies. For he is an accomplished meritorious wealthy Lord that made him the status of a Deva in the Celestial Heaven. His success and efforts resulted in him having amazing wealth and power over his minions. His minions the Yaksa whom are the cause of viruses and illnesses are under the command of Pu Taowessuwan therefore whoever revere Pu Taowessuwan are protected and kept away from illnesses. He commands all the demons and punish rowdy unruly ghosts and demons with his Adamantin diamond crystal club therefore you receive the protection from these evil spirits should you revere Pu Taowessuwan .

Luang Pu Chan Chotiko is one of the most well known living Kruba Arjan in the north , famous for his Lanna wicha in Ling Lom and Taowessuwan. Born in BE2468 , Luang Pu Chan is 96 years this year. Luang Pu has mercy on all disciples, his Taowessuwan have received many positive experiences from devotees in all aspects whether in terms in wealth and fortunes, protection from ghosts or evil spirits or career progression.

When Lanna wicha is concerned, Luang Pu Chan Chotiko is always mentioned by people of the North.
Real Silver , Real Gold Mask only make 19 pieces and this edition went through a total of 2 consecration ceremonies;
1. Luang Pu Chan ”Jao Sua Pan Lan” Ceremony in which Luang Pu Chan blessed himself
2. Luang Pu Chan ”Jao Sua Pan Lan” Ceremony at Maharat Thaowessuwan Park Chiang Mai in which several revered masters jointly consecrate including Chao Khun Surasak Wat Pradoo.
Price: $3x,xxx Baht (泰珠)
✅ Rian Taowessuwan ”Jao Sua Pan Lan” ( 多聞天王自身 十亿富翁)
Material: Nuer Silver Real Gold Mask (纯银真金面)
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Rian Taowessuwan ''Jao Sua Pan Lan'' ( 多聞天王自身 十亿富翁)
Nuer Silver Real Gold Mask (纯银真金面)
Kruba Luang Pu Chan (古巴禅师傅)
Wat Nam Pang (Phayao)
BE: 2564 (AD: 2020)

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