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His reverence Jao Khun Pra Taep Mongkol Muni ( ‘Luang Pu Sod’)was the first to make these amulets, to distribute among the devotees who came to make offerings for the building of the Bpariyadtidhamma school at Wat Pak Nam. As LP Sod was still abbot, he named the amulets ‘Phra Khong Khuan’ (meaning ‘monk/amulet to give as a present to someone’). Luang Pu Sod was present to bless the first three editions of Wat Pak Nam amulets; BE.2493 (first edition) BE. 2494 (second edition) , BE.2499 (third edition) .

Each edition was created a set of 84,000 amulets (the same number as the suttas in the Tripitaka – this is a traditional practice in the making of amulets according to Wicha Phra Somdej, as given to Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh Prohmrangsri of Wat Rakang by Ajarn Saeng, which he in turn took from an ancient stone with Khom inscriptions which he discovered in an old chedi stupa which was broken open.

Luang Pu Sod was Abbot of Wat Pak Nam and an accomplished realized Master. His amulets are said to induce Lucky Fortunes and Auspicious blessings. The true Wicha of Luang Pu Sod remains undisturbed by his true followers, and is an advanced practice of Samatha Meditation using Anapanasati, a breath mindfulness practice used in Vipassana. Vipassana practice was mixed with Samatha Meditation to achieve an inner awakening in a method that was discovered and taught by Luang Pu Sod, which is adhered to by hundreds of thousands of devotees around the world, and which has brought successful results for those who adhere to this Wicha.
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✅ Phra Khong Khuan Roon 3 (白榄佛第3期)
Material: Nuer Phong (圣粉)
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✅ Certificate of Authenticity from Samakom (塞马公验证卡)
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