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Rian Chana Man consecrated in Year BE2559 as part of Luang Phor 89th Birthday celebration. Pure silver material created a total of 989 coins only. Another scared amulet by Luangphor Pien Akukathamo Wat Kruen Kathin, Amphoe Ban Mi Lopburi. Beautifully designed and powerful, Rian Chanaman – winning in all endeavors. Front of the coin is an image of LuangPhor Pien full body sitting and back features the powerful Phra Narai riding on Garuda ( Narai Song Krut ). Below with the Thai words Chana Man, created in BE2559 on the occasion of the 89th birthday of the auspicious age.

Puttukhun focus on removing obstacles , escape and protection from danger, mercy, great popularity and good fortunes. It is a coin that disciples of LuangPhor Pien must have to wear and collect, amount of coins made were small, and it is one of the most popular coins of LuangPhor Pien.
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✅ Rian Chana Man
Material: Nuer Ngern ( 纯银 )
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Rian Chana Man
Nuer Ngern (纯银 )
LuangPhor Pien ( 龙婆篇 )
Wat Kruen Kathin ( Lopburi )
BE: 2559

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