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#P106 – LP Pien Wat Kruen Kathin – Rian Mon Mahakan (Lang Hanuman Hao Pen Dao Pen Duen)

Blessed by Luangphor Pien daily, strongly blessed again during the Buddhist Lent period and once at the shrine of Phra Karn in Lopburi whereby Luangphor himself invited Phra Karn and the heavenly angels to join in the blessing of this batch.
No Hanuman is efficiaous without the heart katha Ha Nu Maa Na of Phra Hanuman.
Hanuman brings not only invincibility, charm and victory but also induces good fortune sales, promotion of status, increase in intelligence and fast-wittedness. He protects from dangers, black magic and ill fate, more or less a winner in every walk of life.
His strength is immense and second to no God, for which he is the mascot and revered deity of Muay Thai warriors, soldiers, businessmen who call upon the power of Hanuman to defeat their opponents in battle or competition. The winning power of Hanuman will clear the obstacles while making all ventures successful.
Hanuman in the avatar of Haw Pen Dao Pen Duan ( Roaring with stars and moons ) can strengthen our communication skills, persuative power.
Gold only make 59 pieces, and this piece comes with Saisin from LuangPhor Pien blessing room and hairs of LuangPhor.
Price: $1xx,xxx Baht (泰珠)
✅ Rian Mon Mahakan (Lang Hanuman Hao Pen Dao Pen Duen)
Material: Nuer Gold – Make 59 pieces
(纯金 )
✅ Real 90 Thai Gold Waterproof Casing Waterproof (泰国真金克)
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If need any Authenticity card +$700 baht
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