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Rare piece of Phra Bucha measuring 7 inch in height , 6 inch in lap created in BE.2547. This bucha has Luang Phor hand string takruts and scared powders cement in the base.

Luang Phor Pien is one of the Last of his Generation of Guru Monks, and carries a powerful and long lasting lineage of Magical Wicha from Ancient Masters who taught their science to their Luksit over hundreds of years. His Wicha are many, but his Mit Mor and Hanuman effigies as well as Tiger related amulets are amongst the most popular in Thailand as far as modern amulets are concerned. His magical powers are unquestioned in Thailand, and his amulets are made remaining faithful to the ‘Old School’ of thought, using ancient formulas and ingredients as well as the traditional empowerment methods. LP Pien is truly an old Master with decades of practice behind him, who has developed his psychic empowerment ability to a finely honed skill, and is the Kru Ba Ajarn of many New Masters who we are already hearing about, and who will one day perhaps become great ‘Geji’ Masters in their own right.
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✅ Phra Bucha 6 Inch Lap Nang Seur (供奉行立尊骑虎6寸)
Material: Nuer Loha
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Phra Bucha 6 Inch Lap Nang Seur (供奉行立尊骑虎6寸)
Nuer Loha
Luang Phor Pien ( 龙婆篇 )
Wat Kruen Kathin ( Lopburi )
BE: 2547 (AD:2004)

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