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Rian Chana Man consecrated in Year BE2559 as part of Luang Phor 89th Birthday celebration. Another scared amulet by Luangphor Pien Akukathamo Wat Kruen Kathin, Amphoe Ban Mi Lopburi. Beautifully designed and powerful, Rian Chanaman – winning in all endeavors. Front of the coin is an image of LuangPhor Pien full body sitting and back features the powerful Phra Narai riding on Garuda ( Narai Song Krut ). Below with the Thai words Chana Man, created in BE2559 on the occasion of the 89th birthday of the auspicious age.

Puttukhun focus on removing obstacles , escape and protection from danger, mercy, great popularity and good fortunes. It is a coin that disciples of Luang Phor Pien wear and collect, amount of coins made were small, and it is one of the most popular coins of Luang Phor Pien.
The masters who sit in mediation in the final grand blessings:
1. Luang Phor Pien Wat Kreun Kathin
2. Luang Phor Ruay Wat Tako Ayutthaya
3. Luang Phor Perm Wat Pom Kaew Ayutthaya
4. Luang Phor Poon Wat Ban Pan Ayutthaya
5. Luang Phor Sarant Wat Dong Noi Lopburi
6. Luang Phor Somsri Wat Na Phra Lan Saraburi
7. Luang Phor Suang Wat Tham Phrom Sawat Lopburi
8. Luang Phor Somchai Wat Pariwas Ratchasongkram Bangkok
9. Phra Arjan Tew Wat Manee chon Kan Lopburi
10. Phra Arjan Tin Wat Phu Noi Lopburi
11. Luang Phor Piek Wat Nong Ta Taem Prachup Khiri Khan
12. Luang Phor Saart Wat Khao Kaew Nakhon Sawan ( LP Derm lineage )
13. Luang Phor Boontham Wat Nak Chantaram
14. Luang Phor Amnat, Wat Pattana Thammaram Lopburi
15. Luang Phor Thonglor Wat Phrom Rayang Lopburi

Luang Phor Pien blessed this edition everyday for more than 3 months, before grand blessings join by 14 others highly skilled humble masters of vast lineage specialized in different wichas. Great blessings, on auspicious occasion, with beautiful designed art.

Empowered according to the Ancient Damra Pichai Songkram Ritual methods, with the Wicha Dan Phra Narai Song Krut. Invoked with all eight Incantations of Psalms to Phra Narai, the Powerful Master of Metta and Justice of Good over Evil. The Phra Narai Amulet lends Maha Amnaj (Power, Dominion and Command Obedience), and Metta (Likeability and respect from Others, who listen to your suggestions). The mixture of Amnaj and Metta allows to both Command in a Dominant Fashion as well as to Convince in a passive Suggestive manner. This allows to Command Underlings and to Convince and Influence Superiors to ones own Views and Opinions.

Pray to Phra Narai Song Krut is also deemed to Endow the Blessings of Successful Business (Kaa Khay) and Maha Amnaj (Power) along with Evasion of Obstacles and Harmful Accidents (Klaew Klad).
The Garuda protects you and your Institution (Business and Household, land and Property), and Lends even more Maha Amnaj Magic to the Amulet. Phra Narai has his collection of Cosmic weapons in his four hands to cover all Dangers and Bestow all kinds of Blessings.

Luang Phor Pien is one of the Last of his Generation of Guru Monks, and carries a powerful and long lasting lineage of Magical Wicha from Ancient Masters who taught their science to their Luksit over hundreds of years. His Wicha are many, but his Mit Mor and Hanuman effigies as well as Tiger related amulets are amongst the most popular in Thailand as far as modern amulets are concerned. His magical powers are unquestioned in Thailand, and his amulets are made remaining faithful to the ‘Old School’ of thought, using ancient formulas and ingredients as well as the traditional empowerment methods. LP Pien is truly an old Master with decades of practice behind him, who has developed his psychic empowerment ability to a finely honed skill, and is the Kru Ba Ajarn of many New Masters who we are already hearing about, and who will one day perhaps become great ‘Geji’ Masters in their own right.
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✅ Rian Chana Man (战胜一切)
Material:Nuer Ngern Purple Longya (纯银龙呀紫色)
✅ Samakom Competition 1st Placing Certificate (塞马公比赛第1名证书)
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Rian Chana Man (战胜一切)
Nuer Ngern Purple Longya (纯银龙呀紫色)
Luang Phor Pien ( 龙婆篇 )
Wat Kruen Kathin ( Lopburi )
BE: 2559 (AD:2016)

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