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Locket Chanajon ( Win over Poverty) is one of the top popular Lockets of Luang Phor Ruay with great commanding price. Strong and magical as per the name of the edition. This particular piece is of big mould, blue background.

Luang Phor Ruay was a Geji Ajarn of the previous Generation, who was legendary for his fortune charms and protective amulets, is rather an inimitable phenomenon, because, he is what we would like to call an inbetweener. Having traversed two generations of masters, he was first adopted as popular Amulets maker by the new age amulets collector community, without them really knowing of his immensely impressive trajectory, and that he is in truth a Master of Old since many years.

However, he has now long since become popular with all the new age and the old era collector scenes since the 1990s, as official documentation in recognized magazines and books has increased knowledge of all his editions. Serious faithful devotees, and collectors have developed an ever increasing preference, and belief in their effectivity with his amulets.

This great master has assemble and assimilate a multitude of Wicha from a Grand list of Kruba Ajarn Masters of ancient amulets, and is the lineage carrier for a multitude of temple lineages.
Price: $2x,xxx Baht (泰珠)
✅ Locket Chanajon Phim Yai – Blue (战胜凭穷自身法相 大模蓝色)
Material: Behind Neur Thongrueng (背面黄铜)
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If need any Authenticity card +$700 baht
We provide all type of casing or gold for your need
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Locket Chanajon Phim Yai - Blue (战胜凭穷自身法相 大模蓝色)
Behind Neur Thongrueng (背面黄铜)
Luang Phor Ruay (龙婆瑞师傅)
Wat Tako (Ayuttaya)
BE: 2556 (AD: 2013)

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