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Wearing Phra Sivali amulet is noted for the efficacy in bringing fortune and accumulation of wealth to the wearer. To wear and worship Phra Sivali amulet, the wearer will always live with full prosperity, strong wealth and luck fortune. Beautiful texture, clear distinct face! A total of 21,370 pcs were consecrated. Encased in Real 90 Thai Gold Waterproof casing, ready to wear! This piece is very beautiful with the facial features clear and distinct.
Phra Sivali is intended to produce Maha Lap great fortunes and gaining praise from those who approach, in a most miraculous fashion. One can gain merit by virtue of Phra Sivali’s holy blessing and is has been proclaimed that anyone who bears this magical charm will become wealthy and maintain that wealth gained, one who is unlucky will become lucky.
The Sivali Charm effect causes people to treat the wearer with compassion, mercy and preferential Bias, The Buddha himself even stated that, as the monks were travelling through the remotest parts of the forest, where few villages and folk were around to offer alms and food, if Phra Sivali had not been with them, they might have starved. The Buddha said that Phra Sivali had Great Charm and attraction power of Metta Mahaniyom, and that his presence in the Sangha was responsible on many occasions for the survival of the Bhikkhus, as his charm power was so incredible, that people would appear from all directions to make offerings and pay respects, and listening to him teach the Dhamma.
It is said that those who were near him or heard his sermons, would experience great luck and friendly treatment from everyone, and become ever richer (as in the case of Nang Kwak).
Price: $6x,xxx Baht (泰珠)
✅Phra Sivali Roopkai (西瓦里椭圆模)
Material: Nuer Kerson with 1 Takrut (花粉版,一只符管)
✅Worldwide Registered Shipping (免费注册邮寄)
✅Real Thai 90 Gold Waterproof Casing Waterproof (泰国真90金克)
✅Certificate of Authenticity from Samakom (塞马公验证卡)
If need any Authenticity card +$700 baht
We provide all type of casing or gold for your need
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Phra Sivali Roopkai (西瓦里椭圆模)
Nuer Kerson with 1 Takrut (花粉版,一只符管)
Luang Pu Toh (龙波卓师傅)
Wat PradooChimplee (Bangkok)
BE: 2521 (AD: 1978)

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