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One of the Niyom (Popular) Batch of LP Toh of Wat Pradoo Chimplee. Consecrated by LP Toh On BE 2521 for a long 3 months dtaimak, it was the the first Phra Pidta that received his incantation for the longest time.
Highly Recommended for Metta Maha Niyom, Good Luck, Wealth Luck, Protection & Excellent for people doing sales and business. This phim is 2.3cm high, 1.80cm wide and 1.10 thick.

Luang Pu Toh was a great monk whose practice was said to be very full of grace and auspicious merit, generosity, purity, diligence and effort. Many different models of his amulets are found amongst those in the list of miracle amulets of great fame. Many of his amulets are amongst the most sought after of the Chan Yod Niyom category (‘top class high end collector class’ amulets) only accessible to the most wealthy collector.
Price: $7x,xxx Baht (泰珠)
✅ Phra Pidta Tookata Lek (必打卡通小模)
Material: Nuer Bailan with 1 Takrut (经书版,一只符管)
✅ Worldwide Registered Shipping (免费注册邮寄)
✅ Certificate of Authenticity from Samakom (塞马公验证卡)
✅ Real Thai Gold Waterproof Casing (泰国真金壳)
If need any Authenticity card +$700 baht
We provide all type of casing or gold for your need
♥️Accept Bank Transfer from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan & Thailand
♥️Accept Installment Plan With no Interests
♥️100% Guarantee Genuine Amulets with 120% Refund
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Phra Pidta Tookata Lek (必打卡通小模)
Nuer Bailan with 1 Takrut (经书版,一只符管)
Luang Pu Toh (龙波卓师傅)
Wat PradooChimplee (Bangkok)
BE: 2521 (AD: 1978)

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