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Rian Roon Yuen India was make in commemoration of LuangPu’s visit to India. It can be said as the last batch of Rian, LuangPu Toh make and bless at Wat PradooChimplee.

Price 价钱: $2x,xxx Baht (泰珠)
Include 包括 :
✅ Rian Yuen India Nuer Thong Daeng (铜)
✅ Worldwide Registered Shipping (免费注册邮寄)
✅ Certificate of Authenticity from Tarpachan (Tarpachan 验证卡)
✅ 90% Real Thai Gold Waterproof Casing Waterproof (90%泰国真金克)

If need any Authenticity card +$700 baht
We provide all type of casing or gold for your need

♥️ Accept Bank Transfer from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan & Thailand
♥️ Accept Instalment Plan With no Interests
♥️ 100% Guarantee Genuine Amulets with 120% Refund
100%保证真, 不然120%退钱

? Exchange Rate (汇率):
Please INBOX for Exchange Rate