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Luang Phor Samrit Saksit according to history records is a Phra Puttarup Din ( clay soil Buddha image) that was accidentally excavated on the edge of Raphiphat Canal in BE2502. He is named Luang Phor Samrit Saksit because of the overwhelming successful prayers devotees had and the tremendous miracles that happen to devotees whom had faith in him. Also known to be the Guardian Buddha of Saraburi Province, it is said that Wishes made faithfully and sincerely to LP Samrit Saksit are to be granted and Manifest Very Rapidly after they are made.

Back of this coin has the image of Taowessuwan. Revering Pu Taowessuwan invokes a large array of auspicious blessings. He is a powerful deity to pray to for success, prosperity, immerse wealth accumulation and strong protection from all forms of ghosts, demons, evil spirits, black magic and curses and all negative energies. For he is an accomplished meritorious wealthy Lord that made him the status of a Deva in the Celestial Heaven. His success and efforts resulted in him having amazing wealth and power over his minions. His minions the Yaksa whom are the cause of viruses and illnesses are under the command of Pu Taowessuwan therefore whoever revere Pu Taowessuwan are protected and kept away from illnesses. He commands all the demons and punish rowdy unruly ghosts and demons with his Adamantin diamond crystal club therefore you receive the protection from these evil spirits should you revere Pu Taowessuwan .

This edition of Rian Ner Duang is consecrated in a big ceremony with masters like LP Pei Wat Bueng, Luang Phor Thong Wat Ban Rai , LP Kok Wat Tha Samor and Phra Arjan Weerapon Wat Tailing Chan sitting in mediation to empower. The shown piece stamped with Code 8 and with Phra Arjan Weerapon authentic hand inscriptions.
Price: $5x,xxx Baht (泰珠)
✅ Rian LP Samrit Saksit ”Ner Duang” (成功灵验守护佛)
Material: Nuer Thongkam- Real Gold (纯金)
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✅ Real 90 Thai Gold Waterproof Casing Waterproof (泰国90真金壳)
If need any Authenticity card +$700 baht
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Rian LP Samrit Saksit ''Ner Duang'' (成功灵验守护佛)
Nuer Thongkam- Real Gold (纯金)
Mass Chanted by LP Thong, LP Kok, Phra Arjan Weerapon (龙婆通,龙婆克,阿赞维拉丰和多位师傅一同加持)
Wat Tailing Chan (Saraburi)
BE: 2565 (AD: 2022)

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