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The first edition of Phra Arjarn Weerapon Nga Kae Luang Phor Samrit Saksit Loi Orng, which was blessed for a total of 3 agendas in BE.2564 ;
1. Luang Pu Chan ”Jao Sua Pan Lan” Ceremony in which Luang Pu Chan blessed himself
2. Luang Pu Chan ”Jao Sua Pan Lan” Ceremony at Maharat Thaowessuwan Park Chiang Mai in which several revered masters jointly consecrate including Chao Khun Surasak Wat Pradoo
3. Pouring of Gold Ceremony of Luang Phor Samrit Saksit 29 Inch at Wat Tailing Chan in which over 10 masters jointly consecrate including LP Thong Wat Ban Rai , LP Pei Wat Bueng , Phra Arjan Tiw Wat Mani Cholakan , Phra Arjan Weerapon Wat Tailing Chan.

Luang Phor Samrit Saksit according to history records is a Phra Puttarup Din ( clay soil Buddha image) that was accidentally excavated on the edge of Raphiphat Canal in BE2502. He is named Luang Phor Samrit Saksit because of the overwhelming successful prayers devotees had and the tremendous miracles that happen to devotees whom had faith in him. Also known to be the Guardian Buddha of Saraburi Province, it is said that Wishes made faithfully and sincerely to LP Samrit Saksit are to be granted and Manifest Very Rapidly after they are made.
Phra Arjarn was generous to have Metta to hand inscribe sacred Kata on the real gold plate at the bottom of the Loi Orng and empower them individually. You can see the marks of his Jarn Hlek (needle for inscription of Yantra) on the real gold plate. Real Gold make only 9 piece. This particular piece code 999, ( Orng Kru ) .

Phra Arjarn Weerapon Mahasko of Wat Tailing Chan is a Geji Ajarn of the Modern Era who is receiving a massive following of Devotees who revere his amulets. His amulets are becoming very prized and treasured. His choice of remaining Faithful to the Classic Amulets of Thai Buddhist Tradition and work in preserving the Buddha Sasana is worthy of Respect and reverence, and the Power of his Amulets is becoming ever more apparent, as word spreads about the successful experiences of his devotees.
The young Phra Arjarn Weerapon was very fast to learn, and was very rapid in absorbing the Dhamma Vinaya, developing his purity of practice, and received the supreme teachings of his Kruba Ajarn to become a wise, well behaved and compassionate monk, of great ability extremely proficient in Dhamma Dhesana (giving Dharma Teachings), and in the worldly administration of the temple.
For this, he was also known as a ‘Nak Pattana’ ‘builder monk’, who developed not only the temple at Wat Tailing Chan , Saraburi , but also helped in other charitable acts for the community and nation.
To amass such a magnitude of Wicha from different Kruba Arjarn is definitely not an easy task and to succeed in performing and invocating each wicha he learnt is again not something normal of a monk at his age. Despite his abilities, Phra Arjarn Weerapon tried his best not to gain fame or stand out from the crowd, which resulted in him maintaining a certain boundary to his fame, which remained within the area of Saraburi , Lopburi and Ayutthaya Province but all these devotees were conscious and reverent of his great abilities.
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✅ Loi Orng Nga Kae LP Samrit Saksit (成功灵验守护佛)
Material: Nga 🐘
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Loi Orng Nga Kae LP Samrit Saksit (成功灵验守护佛)
Nga 🐘
Phra Arjarn Weerapon (阿赞维拉丰)
Wat Tailing Chan (Saraburi)
BE: 2564 (AD: 2021)

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